Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rogers Enhanced Ruger LCR Grip


Over the course of the last weekend of September, I attended the Pat Rodgers Memorial Revolver Round Up hosted by Hardwired Tactical Shooting in Carrollton, Texas. The 2018 course focused on snub nosed revolvers and I contacted several companies for products designed with the Ruger LCR in mind for test and evaluation. HolsterOps responded to my request for a Rogers Enhanced LCR Grip and quickly shipped one for review!

In addition to the two days of coursework, I was also able to run these grips in a local match. At the beginning of December, one of the local clubs hosted an IDPA BUG (Back Up Gun) Match. This division is restricted to five shot revolvers that are under 22 ounces, and fit into the test box (6 1/2'' X 4 5/8'' X 1 3/8''). Unfortunately, these grips are a bit too large for the box. For range use and concealed carry, these grips are awesome!

An Improved Design

The Rogers Enhanced Ruger LCR Grip was designed to improve on the factory issued model. HolsterOps opted for a material change and constructed the grips out of hard plastic rather than softer rubber. Fabric often clings to rubber, which can be bad for concealed carry as it can reveal the firearm. The smooth material prevents any snags, but the side panels are textured to reduce the revolver from shift in hand under recoil.

Aside from the material change, the most noticeable difference is in length. The dimensions are only slightly larger than the original grips, but do allow for the full grip. Palm swells are also present to fill the hand and provide a more complete grasp of the grips. Enlarging the stocks on a revolver can lead to concealment issues; however, in my experience, the size does not make the LCR any less concealable than the the standard rubber grips.  

Grip Comparison

The Ruger LCR ships from the factory with Hogue Tamer grips. Tamers feature a squishy recoil pad positioned under the web of the shooting hand to soften recoil. Shooters with averaged sized hands can squeeze two fingers on these rubber grips. Out of the box these are very comfortable, but I don't particularly like finger grooves.

I'm not super fond of the factory LCR grips because of the finger grooves, so I purchased a second set for the Ruger LCR. The Hogue Tamer Bantam Boot grips don't have the grooves and are very concealable. The only negative is allow a one and three quarter finger grip...if you have normal sized hands. Folks with larger hands might only get a finger and a half. On the plus side, I think the boot grips would be great on the Ruger LCR .22LR/.22WMR models.

Compared to both the factory and Hogue Bantam grips, the Rogers grips allow for a full three finger grip. A larger gripping area allows most shooters to fire faster and more accurately. The side panel texturing and palm swell also provide more contact with the stock, providing a more stable grip. 


Shooting Impressions

I'll be honest, when I first popped the Rogers Enhanced Ruger LCR Grips out of the box, I was worried they would be very uncomfortable to shoot. The hard material seemed like it would beat up my hands. After two days of coursework and an IDPA match, I can say that this is not the case with .38 Special ammunition. While .38 Special + P ammo is also controllable with a bit more effort, I'm not willing to fire .357 Magnum out of a 17 ounce revolver.

The slight palm swell of the grip fills your hand so recoil translates a bit differently. The added length also allows the third finger to rest on the grips and assist in recoil mitigation. The texture on the side provides additional control without being to rough. In my opinion, the features of the Rogers Enhanced positively improve the shooting experience of the Ruger LCR!

Speed Loader Fitment

Unlike automatics, revolvers have the ability to accept different grip shapes. Not all grips are relieved to fit different loading devices. In the previous two posts, two different LCR speed loaders have been showcased: the 5Star Firearms J2-357/38 and the Speed Beez LCR38-05. Thankfully, the Rogers grips are recessed to allow both loaders function without issue! 



The Rogers Enhanced LCR Grip is a great upgrade for the Ruger LCR. The slightly increased size over the factory option allows for better control without influencing concealability of the  revolver. These are now my preferred grips for the LCR and I don't plan on changing any time soon. I'm glad the match director let me shoot the IDPA BUG match with my these grips, even if they don't quite fit in the box. I guess I'll have to return to the stock grips for future matches, but we'll see.

I am sad to report that the grips are currently unavailable. The direct link to the product page is missing from the website as of this post. If enough people show interest, maybe the company will produce them again. Please visit the HolsterOps website for their other great products and to one of these grips when they are in stock!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Speed Beez Speed Loaders and Carriers

Over the course of the last weekend of September, I attended the Pat Rodgers Memorial Revolver Round Up hosted by Hardwired Tactical Shooting in Carrollton, Texas. The 2018 course focused on snub nosed revolvers. In anticipation of the event, I reached out to several companies for products designed with the Ruger LCR in mind. Speed Beez answered my request and sent both a speed loader and a matching kydex carrier for test and evaluation. 

In addition to my experiences at the course, I was also able to do a bit more testing at a local match. Last weekend, one of the local clubs hosted an IDPA BUG (Back Up Gun) Match. The current rules permit five shot revolvers under 22 ounces. Those requirements fit my Ruger LCR .357 perfectly AND a fellow shooter had a few extra Speed Beez loaders and carriers for me to borrow! After some challenging (but fun) days on the range, here are my thoughts on these two products.

Speed Loader

The Speed Beez Model LCR38-05 is designed for the five shot Ruger LCR. The loaders feature an aluminum construction with large brightly anodized handles. The bases are slightly relieved to mimic the cylinder and use an external spring to retain the loaded rounds. The handle rides on a guide that is under spring tension. The handles are milled with posts that push the rounds into the cylinder. In the case of center-fire ammunition, the posts contact the rim of the case to avoid ignition. The opposite is true in their rimfire speed loaders. Best of all, the loaders are manufactured in the USA!

Speed Loader Function

The Speed Beez speed loader design is intuitive in both the loading and reloading processes. Simply orient the rounds to the chambers and continue to push the handle until the rounds click in place. This requires a firm push to release the cases, but also prevents accidental release of the rounds. This system works well, especially in a competition environment. There is just enough tension in the external spring to hold the rounds securely in place while in a carrier; however, rounds can pop out if thrown into a pocket without protection. If you intend to carry these for self defense, make sure they are riding around in a carrier!

Speed Loader Performance

The range portions of the Revolver Round Up were shot on a concrete range. Over the course of that weekend, this loader was dropped at least a dozen times from waist height. Aside from a few dings and a little finish wear, the Speed Beez loaders continued to function. I also wanted to get the loaders a little dirty and found that opportunity at the BUG match. I dropped them into mud and sand during each  course of fire. I gave them a quick shake and loaded them up for the next stage. No problems over six stages. That's the sign of a good product!
Speed loader fitment can occasionally be an issue with certain models of grips/stock. When I first received the loader, I was a little worried about the speed loader clearance with my selected grip from Holster Ops. Thankfully, this proved to be a non issue with the precision milled base matching the cylinder exactly.

Kydex Speed Loader Carrier

In addition to the large variety of speed loaders in their inventory, Speed Beez also offers three sizes of speed loader pouches. I really appreciate it when companies provide quality accessories for their stuff. These carriers are manufactured by Comp-Tac and are constructed of injection molded plastic. Tension is adjustable and is controlled by the screw at the bottom. The model I received arrived at the perfect setting, no adjustments needed. These are a great design!


I really like Speed Beez products! This is certainly not my first (or last) experience with their gear. My Smith & Wesson 929 competition rig currently sports a Moon Clip Belt Rack and holster. I have also purchased several .22lr loaders and the associated loading blocks, so I expected the center-fire versions to function well.

The all aluminum construction of these speed loaders was a wise decision for Speed Beez, albeit an expensive one. Polymer loaders can be had for half or even a third the price with a hunting. While their loaders are a bit pricey, you are receiving precisely milled parts that are manufactured in the United States. Quality gear is expensive, but a worthwhile investment for the advantages this design offers. If I continue to shoot the LCR in IDPA BUG, I might need a few more loaders and carriers. Speed Beez, any chance you could manufacture a double speed loader carrier for IDPA? 

If you are in need of a speed loader, loading block, or other revolver gear then please visit their website for more information. I know I'll be making another order soon! 

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