What is Revolvers Only?

Revolvers Only was born out of my love for wheel guns. When I started shooting a few years ago, I was initially drawn to the plastic-fantastics that populate social media outlets. Sadly, I never considered revolvers as anything but a novelty in the modern age. 

This all changed after trading a polymer single stack for a Smith & Wesson 686-1. Since then, my interest in revolvers has only continued to grow. I have collected a respectable number of these firearms over the past few years.

I now spend the majority of my time on Bay 10 at my local range with a wheel gun rather than a bottom feeder. I post my experiences with these classic firearms for those interested in revolvers to enjoy. I do my best to post every other Wednesday in honor of #wheelgunwednesday.

Is this site only about revolvers?

Pretty much. 

Although I may occasionally post about my experiences with other firearms and related gear, the majority of the articles here are directly related to my use of revolvers.

What are the future plans 

for Revolvers Only?

I plan to continue to review revolvers and revolver related gear, and shoot matches. I have just started capturing video and Revolvers Only now has both a YouTube and a Vimeo channel where videos of complete matches, individual stages, and revolver and gear reviews will be posted. Find it here!

Thanks for reading!