Red Dot Sight Revolver Project

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The Red Dot Sight Revolver Project will occur as a regular series on Revolvers Only. Below are direct links to each post in the RDSR Project for quick access.

Overview - The initial post explaining the rationale, established goals, and testing procedures for the RDSR Project.

Iron Sights Testing - This  posts contains results from the iron sight testing. This data will be used to compare iron sighted and optic equipped handguns.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Testing - This post contains the results of the DeltaPoint Pro testing. The optic results are compared to the iron sight testing. Conclusions are drawn to support the use of an optic over iron sights.

Post #4 - Coming Soon! 

Industry Sponsors

This project would not be possible without the support of industry sponsors. Revolvers Only would like to thank each company for their assistance and encourage our readers to visit the manufacturer's website for more information on their products.

Revolver Mount

Allchin Gun Parts - The Mini STS Scope Mounts are low profile mounts with very nice CNC machining. These available for both Smith & Wesson and Ruger revolvers and will accept several red dots sights currently available on the market.

Glock Mount

Outerimpact - The M.R.A is installed on the Glock 17 for the duration of the project. This low profile mount dovetails into any Glock slide and hosts a wide variety of available red dot sights. All required hardware is included.

Project Description

Over the past few decades, red dot sights have become smaller, more reliable, and less cost prohibitive. These advances have resulted in many shooters mounting these optics on the slides of handguns. Whether for recreational, competitive, or defensive use, it appears that miniaturized red dot sights on handguns are the way of the future. Many major manufacturers now offer optic ready platforms. A brief search of the topic reveals that the majority of handguns equipped with optics are automatics. But what about red dot optics mounted on revolvers?

  • Are red dot sights compatible with revolvers?
  • What optics and mounts are currently available for revolvers?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to optic equipped revolvers over iron sighted models?
  • How do optic equipped revolvers and automatics compare when tested side by side?
In order to answer these questions, Revolvers Only will be embarking on a new series of posts called the Red Dot Sight Revolver Project! 

The RDSR Project will test & evaluate several popular red dot sights and showcase available mounting options. The data collected will be used to make direct comparisons between both iron sight and red dot sight handguns (RDSH). Most importantly, the data will be used to make comparisons between red dot sight automatics (RDSA) and red dot sight revolvers (RDSR).


The project has several goals:

First, the project will attempt to inform shooters that red dot sights can be mounted easily and inexpensively on many modern revolvers.

Second, the project will attempt to test and evaluate several popular red dot sights available on the market.

Third, the project will attempt to highlight some of the advantages an optic equipped handgun has over an iron sighted handgun.

Fourth, the project will attempt compare and contrast Red Dot Sight Revolvers (RDSR) with Red Dot Sight Automatics (RDSA).



Here are some of the abbreviations that will be used frequently in this series:

RDS - Miniature Red Dot Sight

RDSH Red Dot Sight Handgun

RDSA Red Dot Sight Automatic

RDSR Red Dot Sight Revolver


Here are a few views through the optics of RDSRs!
S&W 929 C-More RTS2

S&W 929 DeltaPoint Pro

S&W 617 Vortex Viper

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